Moving to Australia

Living and setting up a life in Australia

Moving to Australia is an exceptional resource as “your essential guide to moving down under”. Discover the best tips and topics for your big move online, including immigration advice, advice on moving your belongings to a new country, the best places to visit when you are in Australia, the essentials to getting around and finding a place to live, food to eat, communication and transport options, job networks, financial transitions, and ways to discover more about the Australian culture and way of life, which may be foreign to a newcomer from India.

New Australian residents from India can discover the variety of languages spoken here, the best way to adapt their mobile phones to the Australian telecommunication networks, how to open an Australian bank account, when to apply for a working VISA, plus advice from Indians who have successfully made the transition from India to their new life in Australia, who say that the nature, climate, healthcare, job and study opportunities, inclusive and laid-back lifestyle are attractive reasons to make the move.